A Better Solution

Almost 20 million U.S. citizens suffer from Peripheral Arterial Disease or PAD, which is a condition that may raise one’s risk for heart attack and stroke as they age. It is often undiagnosed as clinical signs and symptoms are not typically present during the early stages of the disease.

What is QuantaFlo Testing?

QuantaFlo testing involves the use of sensors to painlessly and non-invasively determine whether a patient has PAD within a matter of minutes. Sensors are placed on a patient’s fingers and toes to measure their blood circulation, thereby measuring and comparing the differences in blood flow. Depending on the results, the physician will then be able to determine if further PAD monitoring or treatment is necessary.

Why QuantaFlo Testing?

QuantaFlo is a simple and efficient service designed to test a patient for PAD within a matter of minutes, taking an approach that blows older methods out of the water. Oftentimes, physicians will simply feel for the pulse in a patient’s ankle to determine whether they may have PAD, or otherwise turn to the Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI). Unfortunately the ABI test is often only prescribed after other symptoms are present despite the fact that many PAD patients show no symptoms.


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